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CD ROM based Video Yearbook

got video?
in your yearbook?

Add Video and Turn That Page On Your YearBook

Help the environment while adding more fun to your yearbook
Take a step to GO GREEN
Imagine, not only looking at the picture of your schoolmates, teachers, principal, but be able to hear them, now, and years from now.
Play games, quizzes, hear music and watch video of school events, from within your school yearbook now and in future.
Get on the related web sites and much more all from within your school yearbook.

Ettitudemedia has taken School Yearbooks to the next level. Compliment your current yearbook with a digital Yearbook on CD.

We use state-of-the-art technology in school yearbook Publishing, with the focus on providing an interactive reading experience for the kids. Our readers get the real feeling of reading a yearbook book by flipping the page, in a cool 3d Page turning format. But, the fun doesn't stop there! In our school yearbooks, kids will see pop-up images, games, links, audio, video and streaming multimedia, making the yearbook a truly digital publication. 

Digital Yearbooks created by Ettitudemedia are: 

  • Attractive

  • Cost Effective

  • Fun and Interactive

  • Compliment your current paper yearbook

  • Keep kids busy with hands-on activities

  • Contain Audio and Videos of school events

  • Contain Video Messages from the Principal, and other school authorities

We provide various options for your Video Yearbooks:

      CD Based Video Yearbooks: These are page turning yearbooks with audio, video and all other cool options. You provide us the material and we create the Video yearbook. We charge per CD. Frequently Asked Questions

      Web Based Video Yearbooks: These are secured Video Yearbooks that kids look at, by logging on to our website. The School Yearbook committee creates the pages. We add the videos and games. click here to see a sample.