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Sai Parchai


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"PALKHEE" is a Hit album, as it covers Indian's regional music flavor like Marathi, Gujarati, Rajashthani, Punjabi and Sufi base lyrics. Every Sai Temple , Sai Mandal, Sai Devotee and specially who do Sai Palkhee procession are very much enjoying and get energy on playing "PALKHEE". "PALKHEE" albums also give you pleasant mood and takes you to Sai World.

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 Shri Sai Parchai
 By Umesh Kabrawala
 Price: $4.95  FREE

 "Shri Sai Parchai" is about Sai Baba’s devotee
 Haji Abdul baba who was with him for 29 years
 and after Sai baba’s mahasamadhi he had  taken care of baba’s Samadhi till he lived (36 years).
 This book is also master piece of Sufism.


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