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Now, Go Green with iRoster®.
No need to carry paper when taking attendance

iRoster® is a Smartphone and Computer based Attendance application designed for various types of schools, become productive and efficiently maintain student roster. Many small business schools like Karate, Dance, Sports Academies and Camps are using iRoster on a daily basis to maintain their students attendance.
Using cloud computing, iRoster helps the schools get up to speed faster than ever. There is nothing to install. Once registered the school starts adding its information right away.

Are you an instructor or teacher in a setting (like Camps, Sports, dance school etc.) where it is difficult to have a computer, and you don't want the clutter of paper? No problem. Just use your smartphone to take the attendance, notes or other information about your students. iRoster® is built to take advantage of the latest gadgets. Cloud computing will keep everything in sync.
Later, on the computer, you can print reports, testing sheets, certificates and much more.


  • Fully customizable. Add your own logo, create your own fields
  • Two types of schools supported: Credits/Class or Monthly Classes
  • Display Student's photo for easy recognition during attendance
  • Take attendance on the computer, Smartphone, iPad, iPhone
  • Record payments by students
  • Add notes
  • View student attendance history
  • View payment history
  • Print testing sheets, certificates

The cost of iRoster is $10/month for unlimited instructors, unlimited students and unlimited classes.

Send us an e-mail at for any questions.

Demo account: Demo/demo
Note: Demo will show you the features but it does not let you add or update information.

I use the iRoster for tracking my students’ attendance, payments and many other dynamic features.  This web based application can be used from a laptop, ipad or smart phone.  It has become invaluable in my day to day operations.  I would recommend this product to anyone who is involved in a serviced based business such as mine.  The iRoster is also great for dance schools, gymnastic schools and any like kind business... full

We have been using iRoster since Fall of 2012 and have been very please with its function. It has made tracking students attendance very easy and has become a useful tool in our business. The system is easy to learn, simple to administer and more importantly the support is 2nd to none. Having tried several others before, no one has been as easy to work than the iRoster team. They are open to any idea or new function i need, and always work to find a solution. They are very accessible, either by phone or email, and i don’t have to wait long before i get the answer i need. In short, iRoster is a valuable tool to any business require to track attendance and i give a very high recommendation. full


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