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Shri Sai Parchai

From Saudi With Love

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From Saudi With Love
And Other Stories
A collection of short stories
By J. Kaval
Price: $5.00

This is a cool collection of 15 short stories written by J. Kaval. J.Kaval is the pen name of K.L.Joseph born in 1939. He writes both in English and Malayalam, one of the South Indian languages. He started writing poems in 1960 but settled with writing fiction: Five novels, 300 short stories, 100 essays in Malayalam, two novels, 40 short stories and 50 essays in English.

He has reviewed 1500 books and has directed five dramas. He is a graduate in Theology & Philosophy from Rome, postgraduate in Sociology and Diploma holder in Journalism with gold medal. He is the founder director of Kathalok = Fraternity of writers of fiction (around 40 members), editor and publisher of Katha Kshetre (1000 copies), international literary journal dedicated to fiction, and the founder-director of Kathalok Akademy for Creativity, conducting workshops on Creative Writing, Creative Journalism, and Creative Teaching. He is backed up by an array of literary luminaries.

Stories in the book

The Venus Of My Heart
From Saudi With Love
The Don's Daughter
Death Of A Demon
Grown And Gone
In The Search Of Him
On The Fringes
The Lost Encounter

and many more....


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Windows98/SE, WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Hardware Requirements (Minimium Recommended)

  • Celeron 300 Mhz

  • 64MB RAM (win9x) or 128MB RAM (Win2k/XP)
  • VGA Card (at least 16bit colors)
  • 100MB Disk Space (Recommended)